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Welcome to www.mws-spain.com your 24x7 Soccer & Football Memorabilia Web

MWS Spain © - Match Worn Shirts is a Spanish based website, launched in 2000. We are seen as the definitive reference to the worldwide collection of football memorabilia. We are continuing to grow from our roots of Spanish football and now also focus on European clubs, National clubs as well as many rare vintage items. We cover match worn shirts, boots, official match balls, exchanged team pennants, hand signed items and other rare items connected to the world of football.

We share our knowledge, grow relationships with both contacts and customers, to ensure we reach our objective of being the most well respected supplier of football memorabilia in the world. We offer the best reliable products, so We are also happy to offer our customers a lifetime guarantee with every purchase.

MWS Spain © is still growing and reaching new contacts all around the world every day, so ensure we can offer global products to ensure customer satisfaction. All our items can be reached easily through our gallery tool and our Sales and Information Centre will have pleasure in dealing with any enquires.
In addition MWS Spain © is also publishing auctions daily under the eBay Power Seller status. We are a Paypal verified member.

Our experience makes us the best option possible in the experience of purchasing match shirts and other football memorabilia. At www.mws-spain.com, you will find that we are the best resource possible.

MWS Spain © - Match Worn Shirts: Soccer & Football Memorabilia Specialists based in Spain. Website Opened on 13th January 2003